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We understand that the better we perform as individuals the more competitive we will be as a firm.

Your development will start on your very first day and will continue for however long you stay with us. We will support your progress every step of the way. Formal and on-the-job training will keep your skills sharp and relevant and you will build your experience on a day to basis doing fascinating and career-enhancing work.

Our Business Services teams are made up of focused, flexible individuals from a variety of backgrounds who are team players. If you join us, you will play a significant role in our success as a firm. In return we will give you the support, training and encouragement you need to develop to your potential fully.

We know that if you work in one of our Business Services teams you will be great in your specialisms but we also want to help you develop your personal, management and leadership skills to enhance your effectiveness and impact even further.

Our formal training programmes focus on self-awareness, commercial effectiveness, assertiveness, communication and resilience and we also have a Management Development programme for our senior managers.

We have developed a learning portal called THE ACADEMY which contains all the information you need to manage your own development at the firm and also gives you access to our complete course catalogue and some amazing thought leadership.

Also via ACADEMY is full and free access to a suite of training and thought leadership programmes from Ashridge Business School. There are a wide range of materials designed to help you develop key skills ranging from personal effectiveness to business leadership. We encourage you to explore.