What are the entry requirements?

They’re different for each programme. For the legal programme you need 240 UCAS points (96 points from 2017 onwards) or equivalent. For our business services apprenticeships the requirements vary according to which team they sit in and will be set out in the job description.

Is there a minimum age?

No. As long as you have the entry requirements mentioned in the entry requirements.

What about mature people?

They’re welcome to apply. We simply want the best people and like to hear from people of all ages and backgrounds.

Will I work with clients?

Yes. But we guide and support you in all aspects of your work.

Where will I be based?

For the legal programme, you could be in either London or Birmingham. Our business services apprentices are all based in Birmingham.

Will I have to travel overseas?

No. But you may get to interact with your overseas colleagues.

Will I get a job when I complete the apprenticeship?

We hope you can join us on a permanent basis. In any case, we’ll talk to you at the end of your apprenticeship to see where you’d like to take your career.