Here's how you can apply

Here’s an outline of what you can expect when you apply for a place on one of our vacation schemes.

1. The application form

On this form you tell us about yourself, your reasons for applying and why we should offer you a place on our vacation scheme. Before you tackle this form, have a look at the tips below.

2. Online tests

Once you've submitted your form, we ask you to complete online tests. This is to assess how well you deal with scenarios you may face as a trainee. It’s possible you’ll be asked to re-take the tests on an assessment day.

3. Video interview

If you pass the form screen and online tests, we invite you for a video interview. This can be conducted at a time convenient for you, but within the set deadline. You’re asked a series of pre-recorded questions by a member of our team. Don’t be daunted – you'll get practice questions in advance.

4. Assessment day

This is the final stage. It’s a two-way process, allowing you and us to find out more about each other. For our part, we assess you through different exercises, which are designed to help you show that you’ve got what it takes.


Do your homework

Research our firm and make sure you understand what we expect from a commercial lawyer. Be clear on why this is the career for you. Have you already got skills that will come in handy? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Know our selection criteria inside-out

Learn who we look for in the Training Contracts Programme page of this website. Do you fit these criteria? If so, tailor your application and performance during tests, video interview and assessment day to show us how you’ve got what we’re looking for.

Answer the question

And follow the instructions. It sounds obvious, but make sure you follow the application form to the letter and always answer the specific question during the interview. By the way, following instructions is a key skill for a lawyer.

Take an interest in business affairs

Make sure you're up-to-date with business news and current affairs. Be ready to talk about the business world to show evidence of your interest.

Adopt the right writing style

Be clear, concise and professional, but keep your passion and personality.

Be specific

You’re applying to Gowling WLG. Don’t act as if we’re just any old firm. Why do you want a vacation scheme here? How do our values match yours? How are we different from other firms?

Be yourself

Don’t try being someone you're not – not even who you think we want you to be. Be yourself – whether it’s during the online process or during the assessment day.

Be enthusiastic

It goes a long way. If you care, we'll notice.

Check, check and check again

There's no room for spelling or grammatical errors on our application form. Take your time and get someone else to read it through – a fresh pair of eyes makes all the difference.


Our 2018 vacation scheme application has now closed.

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